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Humanitarian Mission in Ukraine

Explore our commitment in Ukraine, where we strive to provide vital assistance and promote resilience. From distributing emergency aid to creating community development programs, every action is a step towards reconstruction and hope.

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First trip

Review of the first week of work in Kyiv
Mr. Tsoj in interview with Radio-Canada


Second trip

For the second time in the last six months, the vice-president of our Children's Freedom for Future organization, Mr. Kim Tsoj, visited Ukraine as part of a humanitarian mission to bring aid to Ukrainian orphanages.


More than 30 orphanages in this suffering country receive material and moral support from Children's Freedom for Future.


At the moment, our organization is working on the organization of an international conference to ensure the safety of orphanages in war-torn countries, called Divine Shield.


To implement this plan, we are involving the embassies of various countries, international and national humanitarian and public organizations in cooperation.


We plan to hold this international conference in Kyiv in late January - early February 2023.

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Our Vice President, Mr. Kim Tsoj, present in Moscow

This is the third humanitarian trip in a year for our organization's vice-president, Mr. Kim Tsoj, in support of orphans in Ukraine. This time, he is on a humanitarian mission to Russia to investigate the living and educational conditions of Ukrainian children taken out of armed conflict zones. Following our unshakeable principle that our organization is completely apolitical, we pursue one objective: to ensure the safety, freedoms and rights of children.

We present for everyone's attention a report on the humanitarian work carried out by our organization during 14 months from May 2022 to July 2023 in the context of orphan assistance in Ukraine. The main findings of our humanitarian work are the extremely difficult situation of orphans in Ukraine, regardless of the region, as well as the urgent need to ensure safety around orphanages in the event of armed conflict, as the consequences for these children will be catastrophic in the future. Another important aspect is the inadmissibility of acts of corruption in extreme situations on the part of state structures towards humanitarian organizations providing assistance in the field.

The report has been sent to countries such as the USA, France, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, India, Brazil and China, as well as to international organizations such as the UN, the European Union, the African Union and the African Union. Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

We are a non-governmental humanitarian organization and we need not only the moral support of the public, but also the material help of all people and organizations of good will.

Thank you very much for your support!


Official assessment

Among the different opinions about our humanitarian work to help Ukrainian orphans 2022 and 2023, we want to share the official assessment of the UN in the person of Mr. Martin Griffiths, who is the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator. This is very important for any organization that works in humanitarian support, public support and positive understanding from states and international organizations, and most importantly, the awareness that we are saving orphans’ lives from starvation and cold death in war. We were able to save 273 orphans during the war in Ukraine. Surely we could save more orphans if we had a little more support from different levels.

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