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Humanitarian mission in Palestine

Explore the concrete actions of our mission in Palestine, focused on building a resilient and equitable future. Working in collaboration with local people, we aim to provide holistic support to meet immediate needs while laying the foundations for sustainable growth.

Children's Freedom for Future statement on the situation of orphans in the Gaza Strip

Dear friends,
We hope you are all well!
Following the emergency general meeting of our humanitarian organization "Children's Freedom for Future", we have reached a general consensus to provide direct assistance and protect the interests, health and lives of Palestinian orphans in the Gaza Strip. To implement this resolution, we have drawn up a plan as follows:

  • focus international public opinion on the problem of orphan safety during armed conflict, particularly in the Gaza Strip, where there are almost 2,000 orphans, and the number is growing daily;

  • work with our international partners to ratify our "Divine Shield" humanitarian project, designed to protect the lives of orphans during armed conflict. In particular, we must invite the permanent members of the UN Security Council to discuss our project, and insist on the adoption of a UN Security Council resolution to ensure the safety of orphans during armed conflict, called "Divine Shield";

  • collaborate with the UN and UNICEF in the Gaza Strip to create the first Divine Shield sanctuary, where Palestinian orphans can remain safely until the end of the armed conflict between Israel and the Hamas group;

  • organize a humanitarian corridor to move Palestinian orphans who have been injured or are in a serious physical condition to Egyptian territory, with the subsequent dispatch of these children to countries of goodwill that can welcome Palestinian children on their territory for treatment and create conditions conducive to their full recovery. The main criterion for selecting these countries should be a written guarantee of the return of Palestinian orphans to their country after the end of hostilities;

  • take the necessary steps to find countries willing to provide humanitarian aid to accommodate Palestinian orphans in need of help and safe shelter during the armed confrontation in the Gaza Strip.

Given the enormous urgency of the catastrophic situation in the Gaza Strip, it is necessary to act as quickly as possible and, if possible, to combine joint efforts to save as many Palestinian orphans as possible with other humanitarian organizations and states.

Based on our practical experience of humanitarian work in orphanages in Ukraine and the Russian Federation, we can say that during armed conflicts, orphans need not only food, clothing and shelter, but above all a sense of security for their lives. All of us, people of good will, must ensure this sense of security for the most vulnerable people on this planet: orphans!

Thank you, friends!

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First trip

The first part of our humanitarian mission to help Palestinian children in hospitals in the Gaza Strip took place in December 2023. Basically, it took place on the territory of the neighboring country of Egypt, since travel to the Sinai Peninsula was completely closed to humanitarian organizations. In connection with this situation, our organization held a series of meetings and consultations with various Egyptian government structures and the bureau of the Egyptian President, Mr. El Sisi, and the embassies of other countries and some international organizations involved in the process of humanitarian assistance to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip, such as Medics Without Borders, Arab League, UN and other organizations. We were also able to provide food and moral assistance to several orphanages in the Cairo region, which house Palestinian orphans from the Gaza Strip.
Our organization is currently consolidating international public opinion in order to increase support for wounded Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip. For these purposes, we plan to organize in the coming weeks a large international video conference on the situation of children in the Gaza Strip, possible ways to peacefully resolve the armed conflict and the search for peace in the entire Middle East region.

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